Friday, November 27, 2015

Ontheroad Peru 1: Visiting The Paddington Bear Origin

Pic01. Taking A Bear to see the darkest Peru

We arrived Lima about ten minutes past midnight on Thursday 26 November 2015. While the rest of North Americans celebrated Thanksgiving, we decided to go away down to the South. It was different season and environment. We live in California where practically used to be part of Spanish settlement. We set off from San Jose (SJC) through Los Angeles (LAX) to another 8.5 hours fly to Lima. Peru is somewhere we thought between our comfort zone. Kangpaijo went to Peru 14years ago so we used some of his recommendation of places to go. This holiday only prepared in four weeks including booking all train journey and permit to enter Manchu Picchu. (The details of booking process will post after the Ontheroad series).
Pic02. Dreamliners of LAN from LAX to LIM
We stayed at Javi’s room on the first night, only three miles from Aeropurto. The reason was because we’d like to catch the next flight to Cusco in the same day with LAN. It works well as we only spent the day sleeping and walking around the neighborhood. We found local market and wandering looking what vegetables and fruits in this region.
Most of vegs and fruits were similar in Indonesia. It’s very understandable that both countries are lies in the equator. Lots of mangoes, apples, bananas, papayas and other exotic fruits. The weather was warm and pleasant enough considering this is beginning of summer season/rainy season in Peru.
Javier was very prompt and helpful with his advices to enjoy Peru. Suddenly I missed backpacking around with all the basic needs and the friendly host. He did pick up and drop us from/to airport.
Our adventure with four years daughter down to Peru with a story that we do like to visit the origin of Paddington Bear. Down to the deepest jungle Amazon. She quite enjoyed it and make this adventure even more exciting to do. (to be continued).

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