Thursday, June 28, 2018

Lake Agnes Tea House - The Big Beehives

Lake Agnes Tea House - Big Beehives (1st Hiking)
Banff National Park, British Columbia Canada
Distance: 10.4km (return)
Accent: 1,892" elevation
Date: 16th June 2018, Saturday
Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult
Features: The tea house, Lake view fantastic, decent hike and challenging during early spring 

We planned just walk up to the Lake Agnes well known tea house from Lake Louise. The path started from the edge of Lake Louise. Keep continue and you will see the sign of Lake Agnes Trail. The hiking is pretty as we accent with the view of the lake. Before heading further, you will stop in Mirror Lake. It was small lake while you can see the Big Beehives from here. 

It took a chocolate cake and a slosh of tea to continue hiking to the Big Beehives. The hike was circling the Lake Agnes while some track covered with snow. Some already melting, so it was quite challenging if you were not wearing proper boots/shoes. The path then goes straight up vertically and quite strenuous for our daughter. But she managed it by let her rest few times. 

Once we reached the ridge, then mostly flat with walk along the rocky bit. There is a shelter/view point in the top. Including seeing the Teahouse and Lake Agnes from above.

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