Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Terlontar ke Negeri Para Satria : UMag May 2008


One of my traveling in New Zealand in end of last year was visiting Lord of The Ring Movie sites. When I suggested to write about it to the editor Umag -lifestyle magazine from Tempo, they said OK. Bring it on!

I am also greatful for being accompanied by Tolkien fan. I found different experience enjoying the movie and the book. Try to bring all characters and places into one is nearly impossible. Reading the book also give me great perspective of the background of the story.

The article came with wonderful illustration from movie set which give you better imagination. Applying real site into scene created by Allan Lee -original Tolkien's book illustrator is another obscure viewing. My big thanks to Editor Q for reshaping the text and art team who made the photos, drawing looks fabs.

Oh, my picture at Mt Cook not part of it. Umag decided to use other pictures at here rather than the three sent by cyberduck. Talk about quality photo, please pass me a comment. As I can not enjoy the print edition to evaluate the fine details. What do you think about all?

You can look at this album.

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