Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Best View Toilet in the World

In the jungle we always find the 'back business' tend to be more private and frugal. Specially for women with lots things to consider when rush for peeing or pooping. One time I was thinking like a dog, just digging the ground and puff....done it. Wet tissues become magic in sort of situation. I have told that in emergency I can use lichen or soft leaves. I did try it. Not bad indeed.

This toilet was on top of McKinnon Pass when we did Milford Track in NZ. I thought that was a real treat, so I took picture to describe the view from the toilet seat.

I can see down to Clinton Valley majestically between the walls of mountains. We walked there a day before with the amazing view of dozens waterfalls. It was perfect day. No rain, bright sun, great view and ehm...a nice seat.

We walked up to MacKinnon twice (2 hours each way from Mintaro Hut) to get best chances for photography. The weather in our side. Everybody said if you do tramping in NZ, you will face at least one wet day. Best our luck, it did not happen.

Infact just for your note, this toilet and the hut been blown away by the wind three times so far. That's why the base construction from steel hold in concrete.


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