Monday, March 17, 2008

I am committed Facebook suicide

Today at 19:20 PST I was committed suicide of my Facebook account. I did intentiously killed myself in these social networking for many reasons. One of them is I can not cope with spammers sending emails that I don't want to. It was fun first, and you'll drag into hours and hours spending more time. ( I should say Multiply as well but since I made this site as mirror Cerita Ambar I can not delete it straight away).

Some may know that you can not delete account in Facebook permanently. Yes, there is no facility to delete the account. Facebook only allow you to 'deactivate' which did not erase anything from their server. People still can see your page and read your chit-chat.

The more I involved with Facebook the more demand I have to dedicate myself on it. If you think that everybody have to have Facebook just like a fashion, ok forget me. I am not. Remember Friendster, Friends Reunited ?

In UK itself Facebook declined 5% in the last year which shows sign of user's fatique. I am probably not using as many people do, that's was because my friend refered me to open account so we still 'connected'. Apparently I'm bit piss with spammers (or called himself internet marketing) who bombarded me with 'fun walls' or 'pokes'. Yes I can ignore those but if you've got one or two a day it would be OK, but how about tons in same time?

Others is Facebook attitude's not 'fun' for me anymore. It's getting flooding with applications which glued you to the computer. Another controversial is Beacon, the adverts system that can track people's activities. All right Facebook just try to get revenue on this massive market, but I will not surrender my personal activities. I was seriously thinking about being watched. Oh don't forget about CIA as well. I become paranoid here?

If you decide to 'deactivate' account, Facebook came up with check boxes try to find out why you want to close it. And if you fill one of the box, there is another box assured you that you've not have to deactivate the account. Such hard life isn't? To kill myself permanently, I followed the instructions from Wiki How.

Yes, I am deliberately say goodbye to friends in Facebook. If you want to know me just pop in email, messages or have a lunch together. Send me real "pokes" this time.



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