Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Relocation! Relocation!

Few month preparation, endless calling and email then the decision came in. Finally they sent Mr C to Silicon Valley (again!) to do some projects work for three years. I too am got to go, alas for being his personal assistant. I have been twice visiting Bay Area last year, say hello to Yahoo Office, Google Inc or driving passed the infinity loop at Apple HQ.

Facing the reality that we will live and work in that area just mind-boggling. We were actually in schedule to move there last year but instead we spent 14 month wandering around the world. Back forward in Asia, US then UK. It was tiring, specially traveling across time zones. We were practically living from one luggage to another.

USA is not new for us, apparently quite friendly. I did enjoy staying nearly 5 month there apart from someone stole Mr C’s bicycle (reported to Santa Clara police but yeah.. it was gone). It’s also interesting to understand cultures and different value from this melting pot.

Also reminded us three years ago when set off to move to Singapore. We’ve got different feeling though. On that day we were exciting to start new life in different part of the world. Nothing to prepare for these, Mr C had to admit that the experience living out of his own country need extra guts and will. Patients and understanding. Also willing to adopt new way of life, probably completely different than previous episode.

We learn lots how to survive in new place and new country. Basically we stop being worry about things. How to find the place, is it nice living there, is that enough money to cover all, do people nice to you etc etc. I took lesson from old folk that to learn to swim you have to jump to the water.

Off course we try to gather information about Silicon Valley. We’ve got friends there who always give opinions about things. But yes, the decision ups to us. Which one the best, which one fit to our life style. But actual things is DO IT and get the experiences.

As the container been packed last weekend, we also packed our heart to move on. Is it going better or worse? We will never know until we’ve done it.



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