Monday, November 20, 2006

3rd Mountain Biking USA : Lake Chabot

Location : Lake Chabot
Distance : 11.2 miles (18km)
Duration : 2-2.5 hrs
Difficulty : Moderate strenuous, mildly technical
Elevation 600' gain/loss
Ride Type : Loop on fire roads
Parking : $3.50 (we parked outside the parks so it's free!)

Maps : download here
Comments : long ride but little bit flat than the 2nd attempt. Nice view of the lakes.

We did this loop on Saturday 18th Nov started at 11pm. To reach Lake Chabot was not so far from Sunnyvale, we only drove about 30minutes or so. The track quite popular for any stages of cycling, but heading off the beaten path through the bike loop which expanded to nearly Redwood Regional Park was rewarding.

It was gentle ride at the paved road east Shore by the lake then climbing hill to the Live Oak Trail. The we heading down to Brandon and Gordonrod Trail then back to the lake at Bass Cove Trail through the dam.

The route not so technical, it just little bit hard work for climbing up the hills (hoaaa....). I am still struggling to keep my ankle works as my breath could cope with the incline of the road. On the way up at Live Oak I spotted little animal crossed the path. Curious I reported to Mark then we abandoned our bikes to search those little thing. It turned out like cicadas but bigger, sat quietly hidden beneath the rocks.

We also spot the small gully that represent erosion on the ground with lovely pattern. I just like a little valley in grand canyon ! It was really quite that day, may be because we were off the walkers path but also the cycling route actually close to the shooting range. When we heading down Brandon Trail through eucalyptus trees we heard big bang many times. Fortunately we were safe.

We decided back to Sunnyvale at 4pm to the Oakland Marina. It was a peaceful sunset looking to the Oakland International Airport. Beautiful red sunset that we never seen before. Here's the pictures with a plane ready to landing on the runway.

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