Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Y! Messanger v3.0 Beta Mac (feedback)

Sent to Yahoo ! Messanger

1. I can not change status as I do on the previous version. I used to put note as my own status and YM seems remember it, but now I even can not change it !

2. The "New Instant Message" blue button did not respond if I highlight the contact who I want to send message. It supposed to be related at least works together in sync.

3. I love to have an options that let the contacts sort by it's status. I was hoping the online contacts will be on the top while the 'idle' contacts will be displayed underneath

4. When I tried delete a contact, it did not do anything !

5. The iTunes show status did not respond for "busy status". It always show available even I want to say that I am busy while listening of iTunes. Any alternative?

6. For the head-shot picture for the contacts seems take while to uploading. I had to wait about 10-15 minutes to see pictures of my friends

7. I noticed there is no facility to save the conversation, even from the previous chat. I need these facility since my conversation need a documentation. Please put this back !

Addition :

8. Sending file was OK, with download box status show the situation.
9. Webcam works great, but window user complain about the size of the interfaces. I set as small and highest quality.
10. I haven't try the conference yet. But I loved the interface, it's clean, nice and integrated with Y! Mail through notification.



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