Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Banner Travelling Series

Quick peek new banner collection from Cerita Ambar Blog

Banner 1:
Taken from the beach in Sirombu Nias island when I did volunteering job on the earthquake aftermath. The guy who stood there waving his hands is a good surfer !

Banner 2 :
Taken from side of Gunung Api at Mulu National Park Malaysia. It was a day trekking but soo exhausted for me. To go there you need an ability of scrambling or basic climbing since they put iron ladder in several places. It was tougher than Mt Kinabalu !

Banner 3:
Taken from Kecak performance in Pura Agung Ubud Bali at night when Bali Bombing II. It was raining that night so the performance moved into inside of Pura. This picture taken by Mark, while I recorded on my video. Unforgettable evening !

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