Sunday, August 13, 2006

Skype Beta For Mac

There are two newest version of Skype Mac. They are known as Mac 1.5 Beta
and the best called Video Preview released 9th August 2006. The two basically same just the last one with the extra.

I have been using Skype for nearly TWO years when Skype just arrived in the VoIP arena (gosh...remember the old ages). I found it very usefull specially for long distance or conference calls. No charge for phone, just pay for the internet bill. But since I am using Mac, I lost the advanced version of Skype specially the video call. Now they listen my cry -out.

Yes the Video Preview works very well in the Black MacBook 14" Intel with the inbuilt iSight on. The problem was just need refresh for the camera every 8-10 minutes in 1:1 call otherwise came-up with white box and need to recall. Other things that I missed from previous version is the emotions bar went to the menu bar which made it not too handy to play with. Skype said that the Mac Beta 1.5 are tidy, quick file transfer and less CPU usage. Anyway since I am not a programmer nor developer I haven't play much on it.

Skype me in !



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