Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Law Should Not Inhibit Adventure

Just read from BBC News about Mt Everest's case related with tour operator of adventures activity.

Michael Matthew, 22yo bloke missing presumly dead in decent of Mt Everest. His dad blamed climber operator Alpine Mountaineering Ltd, formerly known as Out There Trekking Ltd.

The judge dismissed the case and said that "the law should not inhibit adventure".

"If ever a criminal charge should be emphatically dismissed this is it," he said. He added: "A prosecution case was based upon pure and wholly impermissible speculation." He said it was clear strong emotions were behind the decision to bring the case to trial.
I have been doing adventures for quite while and as an adult I realise the danger. Most of the activities I did need adequate training, physical challenge and mental preparation. What drove people doing adventures these days are so various. I like doing it because it's give me sort of personal achievement. As I share it to you basically because I want people feel that they are actually can do the same.

Realising the risk, taking it as a challenge, and knowing the responsibility also part of our understanding what the adventures all about. Not just an adrenaline junkies.



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