Thursday, May 19, 2005

Saybox : ONLY FOR ENGLISH !!!! yuch...

Today I received email from Saybox said that my shoutbox suspended. This is their email :

From: SayBox <>
Date: 19 May 2005 05:08:11 GMT+08:00
Subject: Account Suspension

Hello Ambar Briastuti,

This email was sent to notify you that your SayBox account has been suspended. Your account has been suspended until further notice. The reason your account was suspended:

Site and SayBox are not in English, and is therefore a breach of the SayBox TOS.

Please contact us either by email or on our community forum if you have any queries about your account suspension. If action is not taken to resolve the matter your SayBox account may be deleted at our discretion.

Ron & Renegade - SayBox Administrators

I really intrigued by their reason about the site not in English. Firstly, there are no general rule that a website/web-blog should be written in English. Something that pushed you to do this things. I have an english blog in here which I am posing for different people, different audience. While this site is specially for Indonesian people. Non commercial and truly for people who loves travelling and photography.
Secondly, I assumed that several posting on my shout they catagorized as spam. In fact : that's a chatting between my audience with me. Shoutbox mainly for people passing by, but also an affective way to communicate. Other things is annoy me that I couldn't speak in my mother tounge : Javanese which I proud of it. Obviously the Saybox guys doesn't like it.
Thirdly, I am suspicious that Saybox using this service to monitor the site and with security reason saying : Uhhh you cannot use our service because you are a threat ! But on their TOS said : "We are not responsible for content on any SayBox".

So I replied their email with this:

From: ambar briastuti <>
Date: 19 May 2005 10:04:05 GMT+08:00
Subject: Re: Account Suspension

Dear Ron and Renegade,

My site is a non commercial about travelling and backpacker for Indonesian. I didn't know that your company limited this service only for English speaking people.
I didn't use saybox for spamming, that the only I concern. I love your service but with this limitation I feel that I couldn't use your service anymore. I was thinking to put saybot on http://corbridges. but after read your company policy I regret about those.

Thank you,

Ambar B Corbridge

I am pleased to say that Saybox just a paranoid about spamming. They even not asking me first or warned about this issue. Anyway, god luck for you guys.



At May 19, 2005 at 4:40 PM , Anonymous Renegade said...

Hi Ambar,

Our support email is currently offline which is why I'm replying here rather than via email.

At SayBox we have always had to enforce an "English only" rule for legal reasons. We do not directly monitor accounts, or the content of websites using SayBoxes, but in the event of any posts which did break a law, we would be held responsible if we were aware of the posts, whether or not they were in a language we understand. As Ron and I only speak English fluently, we decided from the start that we could only allow SayBoxes to be used in English, on websites primarily in English.

As I mentioned before, our support email address is offline, but if you do want to discuss this further, you can email my personal email address(

SayBox Administrator.

At May 31, 2005 at 1:09 PM , Anonymous Nicko said...

Hi Ambar..
Udah Daripada Pusing Pake Myshoutbox ajah ato yg laen masih banyak kok tagboard yg laen :D

At June 1, 2005 at 7:59 PM , Anonymous --ambar-- said...

After long discussion I am decide NOT put shoutbox in this blog. I was concern about the Saybox term of service. But with this regulation it wil limit their market into wider audience (as a matter of fact that Indonesian blogger is a really active community)
Anyway thanks for Saybox for your service so far


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