Friday, June 6, 2008

How fast you can walk?

I have been lazy lately. Mr C ongoing training for Tour de Cure 50miles cycling this weekend. It is a good exercise regime compare to me only once a week running around the blocks. Wait! I looked up at the unit converter widget. Couldn't believe that it will 80km! Shame on me...

Hate running. I did it when training for Everest Trek. Not so enjoyable. I managed on treadmill on gym, pushed my limit to run minimum 5 miles a day. Swimming 5 laps and then up body weight lift. Sound super woman hey..Once you lose the fitness, your body screaming for exercises. Sweating is good, suffering is gain.

I have few plans for summer hikes. Not big but just been away in the back country again. Then I started training. The biggest challenge this year would be a full day hike 16 miles. A solid 8 hours hiking. Well, with my condition like today it will dare painful knee.

Then last week we were out for a lazy walk. Started at 2pm (it's difficult to drag out Mr C after his long training in previous day) we managed to go to Vista Point at Skyline Boulevard heading to Saratoga Gap. It would be a gentle walk for 2hours. The route particularly not difficult but finding one is a headache. We ended up on narrow pavement down to some private houses. Well, it said TRAIL but no explanation about what trail it was. The map we've got not showing in accurate contour and paths. Nearly lost we've been caught by locals who show where the path went.

We found that the path combined with new track called Travertine Springs. It blessing in disguises as we spot the lots of horsetail -prehistoric plant which is now even more backyard nuisance than beneficial. It's only 4.2 miles but took 2.5-3hours to finish it. We use base measurement 1mile (1.6km) in half an hour easy walk (not climbing or scrambling). In Wiki, an average walking speed is about 4 to 5 km/h (2 to 3 mph).

So how fast you can walk then?



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