Friday, February 22, 2008

[Review] : Outdoor Activities in New Zealand (Week Three)

In week three we did most of activity independently and less physical demanding. The highlight must be goes to walking in Aoraki Mt Cook. It was really pretty and easy peasy. Everybody can do it including kids under 5 as I saw parents with their push chair baby. So get out and enjoy the great landscape and clean air. Initially we’ve booked Glacier Kayaking but due the storm and high wind the trip been cancelled. But hey…I can not complain as we had breathtaking trip a day before.

Glacier walks around Mt Cook
Free, pick up the map from DOC Mt Cook
or see at

Comment : We did the Hooker Valley Track (duration 4 hrs return) and Red Tarns Track (2 hrs return). Both are quite easy and enjoyable specially the Hooker Valley.

Points :
Availability 4
Value for money 4
Adrenalin level 2
Scenery 5
Photography opportunity 5
Overall : 20

Get into the Southernmost of South Island Slope Point

Comment: it only need 20 minutes walk from the park, slightly remote from the sight. It was really windy on that day but yeah it's worth to see. Oh anyway apparently Slope Point is famous for surfing.
See at :

Points :
Availability 3
Value for money 3
Adrenalin level 1
Scenery 3
Photography opportunity 3
Overall : 13

Visiting Royal Albatross in Dunedin
Fee NZ$30 per person Duration about an hour

Contact Telephone +64 3 478-0499 • Fax +64 3 478-0575 •
or call free within New Zealand 0800 528 767

Visiting Yellow Eyed Penguin and Blue Penguin in Otago Peninsula
Free and some required donations

Comment : blue penguin can bee seen at the tip of Otago Peninsula. It free so all you need a good jacket, binocular and keep quiet. They comes in sunset with perform of waves. They are smallest penguin in the world, so don't missed it!
Yellow Eyed penguin can be seen form the private farm not far from the beach. It's behavior little bit odd which did not like being a group. This is the only solitary penguin in South Island.

Points :
Availability 3
Value for money 3
Adrenalin level 1
Scenery 4
Photography opportunity 3
Overall : 14

Swimming with Dolphin Akaroa
Price NZ$110 per person

Comment : I did not doing it as I was busy wandering around Mt Sunday. Indeed it said really good. Specially lunch with fish and chips.

Contact :
Dolphins Up Close
Main Wharf, Akaroa,
New Zealand
Tel +64 3 304 7641
Fax +64 3 304 7643
Website :

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