Friday, July 13, 2007

Updating to Adobe Lightroom 1.1

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Back in Weymouth I’ve been worked out to updating Adobe Lightroom. Since I am traveling lots I am carry Macbook and an external HD to backup my photos. On March 2007 I managed to buy US version of Lightroom 1.0 which is cost less than Apple Aperture. At home in Weymouth the big G5 with 2 others external HD still using Lightroom Beta 4 version. I need to do something.

Adobe launched the updated Lightroom 1.1 on 25th June 2007. But I was waiting until the two computer machines together so I can integrated both systems. Things that I noticed changes from version 1.0 are mostly photos managements :

Lightroom using Library (lrlb) and Database (lrdb) to store the preview and negative photos. But now they decided to use Catalogue (lrcat) to enable you keep separated photos databases. For example : Holiday Photos or Business Photos. I can create a new catalogue and ask other computer to read it. I am also have control of the catalogue to store with negative photos or just preview. Even I can create catalog from folder or selected photos. Sweet....

Metadata Sync
I found the metadata set is amazing. Now I can preset metadata when uploading photos from camera. The addition information I’ve added mostly about copyright, location, and links. The Metadata browser is really powerful as it divided into what type of camera, lens, file type, location, creator etc. It help me when as now we have several camera and lens.

I haven’t play lot with keywords set but managed to used tagging add in the photos. It makes me easy to find particular photos based from information. Really powerful indeed.

XMP Sidecar
The XMP sidecar is an addition information that you've put at RAW file embedded as part of the catalog that created from LR. The information contains the editing you've done as metadata.

More about other updated tools at O'Reilly Digital Media.

I found frustrating updating from Beta4 to LR 1.1. It made such a jump to do it. Adobe also little bit cheeky by NOT put the English version of 1.0 to bridge the distance version. We then updated Beta4 to French version LR 1.0 then moved over to the LR 1.1. The problem I faced is Library and Databases. These steps may explain :

  1. Backup all photos (I ask G5 to do it once in a week) > as database and library with negative
  2. Update LR Beta4 to LR 1.0 French version
  3. Again create backups Database
  4. Update LR 1.0 to LR 1.1 English version
  5. File > Open Catalog > point to your databases created with LR 1.0
  6. All photos will back as the main database again..

Anyway, working on big screen also make me more productive than ever. Little 14inc Macbook has preview limitation when working on editing. It took me whole evening to actually updating the version, databases, tidy-up the folders and integrated two machines.

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