Sunday, November 23, 2008

Invitation from Sarah Palin, Travel with Michael Crichton, Whale Riding to New Zealand and marching to Berkeley

" Sometime the leader you searching for is already among you" -Whale Rider trailer

This week actually not so dramatically changes rather bad news about economy in US. These are catchy things happen :

  • We've got invitation letter from Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin. I was curious as the invitation is to visit Alaska. She put her rich oil land into map of adventure activities which is little bit out of touch in this recession time. I wondering how she could get our address since we've only living in this states for 6 months. Digging through any retail that related with outdoors (Nat Geo, REI, or credit card) that show our spending spree habit. Compare to wardrobe she spent during campaign, that's might lot much shy then ours :)
  • I read the late Michael Crichton's Travels again. It's kind of rekindle our long relationship back when I was high school. I had different feeling as when the first I read it, I was dreaming about being able to hop on exotic places in this world. Now, I read it with bigger compassion and respectful. Michael show why we need travel. Yes, to know about ourselves and better understanding of human being.
  • I watched movie Whale Rider again, and still make me cry and humble. The story of little Maori girl who want to prove she able to become a leader of this community taught me lots. I watched first just before off to New Zealand. I've only imagined NZ as on movie. When I experienced those magical place myself this year, it's give aura -sort of enchanted, draw me into great empathy toward native people.
  • Took several hours to build hard disk of Macbook. Tuesday the delivery arrived and Wednesday evening most of file been transferred back to Time Machine. I mentioned about high maintained girl. Yes I am. Not shoes, bags or diamond but disk and more disk.
  • Even though I am studying at UC Berkeley, it was yesterday (22 Nov) I managed to visit the town in person. I was in full day conference, right on the heart of the campus. Took me an hour from Sunnyvale driving to the other side of Bay Area. I love the town, it's vibrant, live with all sort of student hippies frugal life. On Saturday turned out to be the big match American football between Berkeley Vs Stanford. Yeah imagine the battle while the fans enjoying marching band and cheer leaders :)
  • Spent most of Sunday wandering around the Los Gatos Hills. Went up to Montevina Ridge Trail. It's got idea where we want to enjoy the sun in winter on your own backyard!
This week should be second Thanksgiving in US. We are not sure to sacrifice turkey for our dinner. We'd like create alternative menu then.

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