Sunday, November 16, 2008

sad time for tomatoes but finding hidden treasures of Afghanistan

Who care about Robert Pattison aka cute Dracula Edward on highly awaiting movie Twilight? This week everything like out of control or either sadness. More heart broken story here :

  • Watching The Boogie Man, story about Lee Atwater -a republican strategist under the first George Bush on PBS. He was responsible for negative campaign toward Robert Dukakis. It's sad story as in the peak of his career, brain tumor captivated him. Well, if you know about John McCain dirty campaign this year, you should know about Karl Rove.
  • Another book as one of my reading list -Collapse from Jared Diamond. I bought it for Mr. C as he interested in civilization and the future. My personal thought about this book is the holistic issue of sustainable society based from history. Kinda boring stuff :)
  • Monday night I've got cold feet symptom. Yups, this is sign of bad blood circulation. I had low blood pressure and little bit anemia. Walking at PG&E Trail made my foot works very hard. Couldn't sleep, I ended up putting hot pack all night. Weird ...
  • Made pineapple jam for nastar and cheese kastengel. I messed up with the recipe from well known Indonesia culinary writer. My gut was he put wrong order on the step-by-step. I noticed it but failed to follow my instinct. Lesson to be learnt : believe your own judgment!

  • Friday evening, Mr. C back from 2 weeks Formosa Trip. Exciting time as the ex President went to jail for corruption. Chen also went hunger strike, refused to appeal. Another repressive type from China? (At last I got pair of wool shock from Taipei!).
  • Saturday, we had morning digging the gone tomatoes at Full Circle Farm. Back home with 6kg green tomatoes, 2kg yellow tomatoes and some idea to preserve it. Mr. C got tummy bugs, he ended up dozing all time. I managed to get some spices. We did whole cooking on Sunday, while I mourned to the death of my Macbook hard disk. Another wrecking record. Should I getting sad or feeling stupid?


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