Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ice Climbing at Franz Josef Glacier

First boots from plastic really uncomfortable. We had to walk about 35minutes to the base of glacier, then another half an hour to leave the moraine -part of glacier where rocks and dusts cover the surfaces into the deep blue ices half way up. Crampon being used to help you walk on ices, through steps and passages that been created earlier by Franz Josef staff.

That morning there were 8 people on the group with 2 experienced guides. Most of climbers were either rock climbers or just want to try something different. My first ice encounter was in Scotland, at indoor ice climbing. Yes, I will try the real one. I was exciting about and also bits down when heard others people's history. They looked awesome!

The guide amazed when he know that I am from Indonesia. He said, "Are you going to do ice climbing?" I was nodded, then smiled. Indonesia only have two seasons. Rainy and dry season. The only place you will find snow is on top of highest mountain in Papua where the access to climb is restricted.

Indeed snow is not our playground. I remember how to climb on ice, using legs as your power rather than hands. Ice axes only help you to keep up. It was hard works, as to keep feet level and balance with your arms. I did enjoy the climb. Really did, even ended up in real exhaustion and brushes on both my knees. I shall never forget that!

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