Saturday, November 17, 2007

Remembering our best travel’s fellow

He is our friends, our kids and trustful buddy who never complaint about traveling around with us. Today I remember him because of this article. I sent his photo as my respects after prolong services. He had been follow Mr C climbing Mt Assiniboine in British Colombia Canada and his successor accompanied me on Kala Pattar near Everest Base Camp Nepal.

September 2003 on top of active volcano in the highest mountain in Java

We took bear with us to do challenging trekking of Mt Semeru (3676m) and journey across sand field to Mt Bromo (2392m). To climb Semeru you have to fly from Indonesia capital to Surabaya (East Java) then travel to Malang. From here another trip to Tumpang (small town) then you've hire jeep to Ranu pani -the last village to the mountain range of Semeru-Bromo. It took 3days 2night to summit Mt Semeru involving long trek at first day to the Lake of Ranu Kumbolo then trail continue to Kalimati. From here you can do summit attack in the midnight led you to reach the magnificent top of Semeru. You've had to reach the summit before 9am otherwise the danger of gas produces by the active volcano can poison trekkers.

Bear summited to the top while he tried to sit properly as we capture on the camera. But we had to add walking stick to keep him sit upright. The fumes on the background comes every 20 minutes or so. This is memorable Teddy bear for us because he exist about the same age of the owner (more than 40 years old), made by his mum as a pressie. In the end of the journey the bear was lost in the Jakarta's airport due careless porter.

We're still missed him dearly and this picture is a great memory of our best travel fellow. We loves Teddy.

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