Friday, October 19, 2007

[Lomo effect] On top city of Taipei

Indoor Observatory deck at floor 89 Taipei 101-highest landmark in this world. Stood above 382m from the ground, Taipei 101 achieved a engineering marvel in this century. It is also has the fastest lift in the world. To get into this level only takes 32 seconds. Tickets : NT$350 to reach this level and further NT$100 to outdoor observatory.

Taken with D200 with Nikkor 10.5mm Fisheye
Exposure 1/6 sec at f/2.8, no flash, ISO 400, metering mode pattern
Edit mostly in Lightroom 1.1 and little bit in Photoshop CS2
Comments :
I did experimenting to create lomo effect (cross processed) which normally happen when using Lomo Camera Slide Film. The vignetting here produce by fish eye lens is perfect start. Next I play with :

  • yellow luminance shift
  • contrast
  • exposure
  • change point curve
  • little bit highlight
  • little bit dark tones
  • shadow split
  • then import into CS2 for watermark

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