Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm going to Pesta Blogger 2007 (thanks to Enda and Indra)

Pesta Blogger 2007 (Blogger Party) - Indonesia's first Nationwide Blogger Meeting will be held in Jakarta on 27 October 2007. I am fortuned to have invitation from the Committee. Only 100 bloggers will be invite personally as representative of Community Blogging or Agregate Bloggers. And another 100 will open for registering in first come first served based through web submissions.

I’d thought the ‘meeting’ will be just party or kopdar (kopi darat –or meeting in real live, not virtual), but then I have a look on their purposes. Oh yes…this would be different.

I will be in Indonesia sometimes next week until mid November for pulang kampung. Then when I knew that there are no representative from Singapore Blogger to join so I raised my hand. Indra Pramana –the admin of Planet Singapura aggregates Blogs from Indonesian living in Singapore said he would contact Enda –the chair Committee to get one seat. In the other hand I was trying register online as well. When I received email confirmation two days ago, I felt delighted.

The themes would be "Indonesia's New Voices" a bit like proclamation of emerging alternatives media. I am probably one of few believe that conventional media and blogs can works together. I met Corry Doctorow –prominent BoingBoing bloke two years ago in Singapore. We had nice discussion about how blogs became a partner rather than a rival for the current mainstream media.

Indonesia now is facing on the right direction of positive blogging. One of them is empower of ‘common’ people participated into masses of voice or opinions. There are more tunnels to speak about politics, corruptions, local governments, even technology. I would not say that there are good opinions around but again blogging is about process. We’ll see what will happen.

Thanks again for Enda and Indra.

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Asia Blogging Networks (ABN) if you interested about Asia's issue in whole

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