Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Bund ....the magnet of the city

The Bund or Waitan is the part of the Shanghai that everybody flocked in. There is fantastic view along Huangpu River to Pudong area- a new industrial area build in past 10 years. You will see that on Waitan were mainly old building which British and French built during the foreign’s concessions. Most of building now are the finest artifact of magnificent architecture, such as Peace Hotel.

It’s quite absurd for me when you clearly see that the other part divided by a huge river there are many new building. The most striking feature are The Oriental Pearl TV Tower –350m height. It has two round globes called space module with three-column supported it. I was there to looking up my self. I had to admit that even I don’t like the structure but seemed suit to Shanghai’s environment. Also quite absurd for me to had the ticket up to building which got rocket price. It will about 250 RMB to reach the second space module. I thought that was ridiculous price.

Not far from the Bund, there is East Nanjing Road which the mall and shooping area. I was there at Friday afternoon to witness Shanghainese spend the day there. Sitting, chatting, or just admiring stuff that looked expensive which they can not afford to buy.

Walking in Nanjing Rd was quite enjoyable apart from street seller. I would call they are annoyance because they were persistently offering fake Gucci or fake Rolex. Hey...I don't need that! They'll give you picture or simply a business card. All the bargaining was virtually on streets. Every 10 steps I’m guarantee that one or two turned up and follow you to offer these ‘bargain product’. We come up with the idea about make a T-shirt with letter : PLEASE NO BAGS, NO WATCH, NO SHOES!

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