Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Equipment List Everest Trekking April 2007

see complete photos at Picasweb Album

Below are files contains things that you need to carry for the Everest Trekking. As all of these based from my eqiupment, sometime you will find that few of them not available in Indonesia. Before set off to Nepal, we had conversation through email about what to carry and not to carry. The problem we faced :

1. Limited of flight baggage. On domestic flight allow to carry 20kg, while international will be about the same. We managed to get compensation of 2.5kg on outbound flight (Sing-Bangkok-Kathmandu), but had to promise to reduce on the inbound flight.

2. Some of the equipment only available in the shop that provide winter/cold outdoor sport. It must be difficult to find one in Indonesia.

Items that have to chase around :
  • long john
  • down sleeping bag (this is esential)
  • good walking boots and healthy socks
  • medicine for high altitute
Please download the files here (some in Bahasa Indonesia).

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