Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Year Tradition : Escape to Lake District Cumbria

We might old skool generation. We always spend New Year far from dizzling fireworks or binge dringking. We love to back to nature, having walk in the country site. As our tradition with friends we escape to Lake District National Park, a beautiful area famous for the birth of mountaineering.

I spent 2006 New Year in Vientiane Laos on the way to Bangkok (Indochina trip). New Year in Asia were more like communal party on the streets. On that night we only had dinner in mexican resto by the river Mekong. Enjoy the local music and breathe the air. That's it and we went bed straight away. A lots of local specially youngsters were wandering around the city with their motorcycle until pass the clock. It was loud but we had good night sleep that day.

In Lake District situation are different. We'll stay in remote cottage, sometimes in the right end of the village. No shop no televison no internet (it's fantastic !). We were gathering around fire and having games all night. Because of the location of these cottage we had to shopping and cooking on our own. This year would be 11 people so if your turn to cook you have to serve dozen of hungry mouth. It always fun !

Our activity is walking walking hiking hiking. Yups there's no day without going out and do exercises. Sometime we split into two groups which the one will do little bit hardcore stuff like climbing snowy hills at night ('s only Jer -our friend from Aberdeen who volunteer doing this).

So these are my route :
Thursday, 28 Dec 2006 Telford
Friday, 29 Dec 2006 Liverpool (Mark's passport)
Saturday, 30 Dec 2006 Yorkshire Dales (Skipton) > Lake's Cumbria
Friday, 5 January 2006 Birmingham (Home Office thingis...)

Happy New Year 2007 for everyone, hope next year will give tremendous success to you.

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