Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Like A Virgin : uh ah uh...

I wish found Madonna's song along on board transatlantic on Sunday 17th. Ok I am back to grim Weymouth now and goodbye blue sky California. It took 10 hours flight + 2 hours by coach down from Heathrow to Weymouth. Very smooth travel indeed.

When I tried looking for decent airlines from US-UK via opodo UK , only Virgin and British Airways available. I can get cheaper from American Airlines, Delta or Continental but they will not take me direct from London to San Fransisco. The price just cannot compare with the time you've to spend during transit. And stamina as well.

I booked the airlines online from Virgin Atlantic's site which is really user friendly. With e-tickets they only confirmed with ticket number and booking references. The good things is you can choose your seat number and check in online. Their system similar to Virgin's partner in Asia, Singapore Airlines. Check in online only available for 24 hours before departure time. Really easy and convenient. Virgin called this as DIY (do-it-yourself) check in.

Once you've done it you only need drop in your baggage in the counter. In Heathrow, staff will ask about US immigration and weight the whole lots. Since flight to US gives more weight allowance, I had two big suitcases and a rucksack for computer, camera, lenses and stuff. Virgin limited the hand baggage into 6kg. Pheww ! I had to leave lenses by hiding bits beneath my coat. Heathrow authority only allow you one piece hand baggage. Things that worried me about laptop batteries turned out to be dismiss.

On my surprised when aboard from UK, the staff asked me to fill questioner. Basically about their services. I had to say that they did perfect. I reckoned they picked the information from the site because I did book flight on the whole leg on myown, not through third parties such as travel agents or booking websites. Also that was my first flight with them.

Virgin's staff in San Fransisco were really friendly. They did not weight my rucksack and Mark's (thanks God !). He had two laptop and Nikon camera with several lenses, paperworks etc. I bet it will weight about 10kg !

We started love Virgin. Now I am using broadband from virgin and using mobilephone from them as well. Next? Hmmm the spell of Richard Branson...

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